ERP System (EMS)

We understand that unorganized company record is very frustrating. That’s why we created a simple and inexpensive software to easily manage your business, convert opportunities to sales, and focus on business growth.

   ✔ Easily Manage Inventories
   ✔ Systematize Purchase Orders
   ✔ Quickly Analyze Sales Performance
   ✔ Accurately Bill Clients (AR)
   ✔ Establish Customer Database
   ✔ Real-time Financial Reports
   ✔ Online 24/7 using any mobile device or computer

Inventory Management

  • Capable to manage multiple warehouse locations
  • Stock movement report and audit trail info are system generated.
  • Auto-notifications for near expiring SKU and critical stocks on hand
  • It systematically categorize the cost of goods per item.
  • Suppliers’ delivery of items are linked to PO records.
  • Stock Issuances to recipients are properly documented.

Purchase Order & Buy Plan

  • Process your buy plan analysis based on sales data to determine.
  • Create system generated PO document to suppliers.
  • Landed cost is calculated per item and reflects the total cost of each unit.
  • Forecast the stocks’ days to last to avoid depletion and loss of sales opportunity.

Sales Analysis

  • Provides a deep glimpse into the performance of your product, sales team, customer purchase, and sales revenue.
  • Enables decision maker and sales team to identify weaknesses in your sales strategy and make necessary changes to improve the results over the next period.

Accounts Receivable Monitoring & Billing System

  • Easily monitor list of transactions with balances.
  • Provides AR aging reports and payment schedules.
  • Produce system generated Statement of Accounts / Billing Statements.

Customer Database

  • Stores valuable information about customers' profile, demographics, and purchased history.
  • Provides an opportunity to build rapport with your customers by informing them on product updates and promos
  • Identify who your best customers are, create better campaigns to attract more customers like them, and retain the existing top customers.

Financial Reports

  • Business owners and decision makers are equipped with this real-time financial status report.
  • The system can instantly produce profit and loss statement; profitability ratio; labor cost analysis; and other essential financial reports.

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